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I’m Elizabeth Daniel.

I love vintage decor... anything weird, and original art.

I have been decking out my house with unique and downright ridiculous things since as long as I can remember. (Ask me about my life size Lorax!!!)

I feel passionate about shopping second hand as much as humanly possible, and I love encouraging others to do it too. We can have amazing things at affordable prices AND we can keep a BUNCH of stuff out of the landfill!! WIN WIN WIN!


I’m also an artist. An indecisive one who’s dabbled in nearly every medium- glassblowing, painting, drawing, ceramics, weaving, silversmithing, etching, photography, stone carving, wood carving, leather working... the list goes on and on. This dabbling has earned me a robust appreciation for the secondhand art that I find, and usually I have some thoughts on how it was made, too. If I don't know, I LOVE trying to find out!

 I like to think of this group, and second hand decor, as my latest artistic medium. I hope you find that you enjoy wacky things as much as I do, and you'll relax and stay a while.

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