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Store Policy

Customer Care

I started reselling in this unique way as a fun hobby, AND because I care about things like sustainability, making people happy, and being creative with the things that I find!

It has grown since the early days, but in a way that fits into my life beautifully. I started small, and as the years have gone by, I've grown substantially and actually can earn a living this way - but I still do it because it's a fun hobby, and I love EVERY minute of it. 

I feel exceedingly fortunate that you've found your way here, and I'm thankful every day for your willingness to support me in this artistic endeavor.


Stay tuned - because I've got a never-ending list of ideas up my sleeve. I'll probably keep branching out into other ventures, and I want you to be here for it!!

Privacy, Safety & Copyrights

I’m a real person. I'm never going to share your personal information with anyone, and I'll treat you the way I want to be treated when making purchases. I am committed to only using secure and trustworthy third-party banking to verify payments.


I do plan to send out emails (infrequently) so please join (or not join) my email list accordingly! Sign up is in the footer below

My original art and logo are copyrighted. Please don't use them in ways you shouldn't be. Don't make it awkward.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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