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the Facebook Group

My Facebook group Elizabeth Daniel - Decor  is where I started this wild journey.

Back in August of 2018 I decided to start a facebook group to get rid of a few things around my house. I figured a handful of my friends would be interested, or would at least humor me, and join in support. But I woke up to 123 members! This group has quite frankly astonished and baffled me ever since that first morning. I'm honored to help you find decor that makes you happy, and I'll continue to hunt for it for as long as you'll continue checking in on Fridays and buying the pieces that strike you. 

As an artist, the ultimate dream is always to create or find a community where you feel your message is being seen and received clearly by your viewers. I unintentionally jumped into the waters of interior design and have just been swimming like hell the best I know how.  But I truly hope that by watching my group each Friday, you've realized that when it comes to art, I'm worth my salt.

On behalf of myself and the facebook group, I'd like to invite you to put on your most fantastic Muumuu, pull up a velvet vintage green chair, and join this community of fun and fabulous people who decorate their homes with incredible vintage treasures, and aren't offended by ceramic animals with genitalia. 


What’s for sale and when?

Every Friday at 8am CST I post a curated scene of vintage and eclectic finds. Everything in that photo will be for sale later that day. Comments on this photo are great! But they’re not claims.

At 4pm CST I’m back with an individual post with pictures and prices for each item in the picture. Posts will come fast with just 2 minutes in between each item.

How do I claim an item?

The first person to comment on the individual post “Me” or “Mine” or “Claimed” or something of that nature, gets first dibs. Even if they just have a question about the item.  Put “next” or something if you don’t get there first, because sometimes things happen and I move down the line!


THINGS MOVE FAAAAAAAAST. Like lightning fast. You essentially have to be on the group page, ready to click and claim, during the "drop" if you want any hope at all of actually getting things. 


Remember to be clear when making a claim. For example, “mine” is clear. “Love this!! Deciding if I need it!” Is not clear. I’ll still ask to make sure you want it, because I’m a nice person. 


If you think you might really want something but have a question about the item, clearly claim it (“me!”) and quickly ask your question in the comments in the post. I’ll be happy to answer you and then ask if you’d like the item or if you want to pass.

​Asking me questions is a perk of being in the group!! Want a second opinion on what your item is worth? PM me! I don’t claim to be the antiques road show, but I usually have a general idea what you can get. Or if you you’re wondering what colors you should paint your living room and you want a second opinion- I’m here! and answering that question is LITERALLY WHAT I LIVE FOR.


If you’ve commented but turns out you’d like to pass- that’s okay! But please don’t make it a habit so that you’re passing on more items than you’re buying. Delete your comment or say “pass” on your comment.

How do I pay for and receive my item?

If you claim an item first.  I will reach out to you via messenger that evening. 


If I'm taking a while, hang tight! I'm probably working toward you as quickly as I can. But I'm nothing if not approachable- so send me a message if you have a question or a worry!! You will NOT lose your spot unless you pass or just stop answering me. 


I will need payment ASAP. My preferred method is Venmo @Elizabeth-Daniel-Decor. If you’ve purchased in the past and know the drill, go ahead and send payment! I’ll still message you, but once we have done this before, we’ll work like a well oiled machine. 


I don’t hold things without payment past the weekend- so if you know you want it, BUY it! 


I don’t do returns, so LOVE something before you buy it. 

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