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  • Will you ever move to an auction format?
    No, probably not. I love selling items at prices I can feel good about. I don't want to watch things climb higher than what I feel they're worth. This is *NOT* about who will pay the most money for things, to me. It's about rescuing and reusing what already exists in the bowels of thrift stores rather than buying everything new. AND showing how trendy I can make second-hand finds look, in every style I can possibly imagine!
  • Why does my mailed package look like a 6 year old wrapped it?
    Well. I've always been bad at it. I use all sorts of random household boxes and wrap to keep items safe in the mail. Then to balance out the ugliness, I use random wrapping paper that I've found while thrifting. (of course!) SOMEONE needs to use up all that Anne Geddes wrapping paper that is rotting away in thrift stores! That someone is me. It provides eyerolls and and giggles to postal workers and group members everywhere. *if your item breaks in the mail, message me and we will work it out. I try my best to get them to you safely, but ultimately I just want you happy, not sad. So if my packing failed, I want to know.
  • I wanted a thing, but I wasn't first. Do you have more of the thing that I wanted?"
    In short, no. I find these things secondhand, and as is the backward nature of shopping like this - I only find what I find. I'm sorry you didn't get the item you wanted! But give google a try! Usually I'm not selling the only daschund cracker holder that exists, and you may be able to find it elsewhere! Let's look at the bright side here, now you know how bad you NEEDED a daschund cracker holder!! Message me and tell me how sad you are if you're coming up empty handed everywhere, and I'll help you look. Because I love you.
  • Are you sure you know what you're talking about when you write up descriptions?
    Emphatically, NO!!!! I do NOT claim to be any sort of authority on vintage wares. I am *learning*! I know an awful lot, and I can assure you, I'm up late researching all sorts of obscure doo-dads, rug patterns, tiny ceramic cats, and literally EVERY thing I get my hands on. But I am not perfect. If I don't know, I'm probably going to call it a plant stand, or tell you what I'd use it for! Feel free to reach out to me, and give me a nice pointer if you know something that I don't, because that's how I learn. I do this because I love learning about all the things!


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